Silver Lining Montana
Dragon Boat Team

Silver Lining Montana is the first official breast cancer survivor dragon boat and outrigger canoe team in Montana

Stronger Together​

The most enticing aspect of dragon boat might be the social one. You can train, you can be in shape, but the secret to success is really synchronicity: working together as a TEAM. There’s a great camaraderie that develops as a unit.

How Do I Join?

Getting Started​

If you want to have fun and you’re willing to get wet, that’s pretty much the prerequisite. And you need to know how to swim!

The Commitment​

Silver Lining Racing Team practices from May to late September, two to three times a week. Our team competes in 2-3 regattas per season in both Canada and the US. And we also host a paddling clinic in late June.


The cost is free for the 1st year paddlers. A minimal annual membership fee will apply to experienced paddlers to cover boat use and other expenses. By implementing a fee, there’s a vested interest since this is a pay-to-play sport. If someone has financial difficulties, we can work with them to make it feasible.