Meet Shana Duffalo

For breast cancer survivors, there are good days and bad days. And for many women facing this battle, it’s a long hard road; one filled with treatments, doctor visits and struggles that sometimes make doing everyday things difficult. For many women facing cancer, they don’t have to do it alone. Meet one of our newest members, Shana Duffalo. Shana was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017.

When you’re fighting cancer, you’re in a place where your life stops for a minute while the world moves on around you. The Silver Lining women provide true inspiration and real relationships that are uplifting and energizing.


While each woman has a different story, they have all walked the same path— a path that includes dragon boat racing as a form of camaraderie, sisterhood and source of physical activity

The Silver Lining ladies are more than just dragon boat racers. They are all so welcoming and it is amazing knowing that these ladies know exactly what I am feeling and experiencing.

In her journey with breast cancer, Duffalo credits her family and the friends she has made in the Silver Linings Group, as well as what it meant to her to compete in her first dragon boat race in Lethbridge, Canada

To be in that boat is amazing. Racing a dragon boat allowed me to do something physical, even when it seemed like I should not have been able to. The spirit of the women surrounding me and the rest of our team gave me the strength I needed not only in that moment, but while I’m fighting cancer.

Duffalo also had severe lymphedema on the side her surgery was on and commented on how paddling in Lethbridge helped her.

My lymphedema actually got better when I was in Canada. Paddling in that dragon boat worked my upper body and improved my lymphedema.

Many women throughout the world have embraced the sport of dragon boating with teams from 26 different countries racing in the name of breast cancer and breast cancer survivors. And for many teams, they’ve found a spirit of strength. For Shana, that spirit and sisterhood continue to be a major support as she fights her battle with cancer. One of her best advice:

Let yourself cry and let other people help you. Feel the emotion of what’s happening and just go with it

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