The Sports

“Reach! Reach!…Let it run..” These are the phrases you might hear a caller — the person drumming at the front of a dragon boat — shout during a practice or a race to keep the team paddling swiftly and with force.

The Sports

A dragon boat is essentially a canoe, but it’s about 40 feet long and outfitted in a dragon head and tail, per Chinese tradition. It’s also powered by 22 people: 10 paddlers on each side who propel the boat forward with 4-foot paddles, a caller who keeps the paddlers on time, and a steerer who keeps the boat on course. The boats move fast; most regular teams finish a 500-meter race in about two minutes. The Silver Lining Team races in 200-meter, 500-meter or 2K distances.

The sport doesn’t just fire up your arms; it’s a full-body workout since each stroke originates from your quadriceps, hamstrings and core. The scenery isn’t too bad either. Our team enjoys the sunshine, the sunset and the beautiful scenery of Salmon Lake


But the most enticing aspect of dragon boat might be the social one. You can train, you can be in shape, but the secret to success is really synchronicity: working together as a TEAM. There’s a great camaraderie that develops as a unit.


Come as you are; just don’t call it “rowing” instead of “paddling,” a dragon boat faux pas. If you want to have fun and you’re willing to get wet, that’s pretty much the prerequisite.


Silver Lining Racing Team practices from May to late September, two to three times a week for about 2 hours . Our team competes in 3 to 4 regattas per season in both Canada and the US.


The cost is free for the 1st year paddlers. A minimal annual membership fee will apply to experienced paddlers to cover boat use and other expenses. By implementing a fee, there’s a vested interest since this is a pay-to-play sport. If someone has financial difficulties, we can work with them to make it feasible. This is a FREE activity for all metastatic sisters.

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Corporate Team Building Opportunity

Looking for a way to engage your business employees? Consider a tax-deductible donation of $2000 to the Silver Lining Foundation and in return, get a 2-hour team building experience for 20 members of your company/group. Dragon boating is excellent for this type of activity as all must work in UNISON. If you have more than 20 employees, we can accommodate you as we have two boats. This experience will include guided instruction from our coach, Alida Tinch. At the end of the 2-hour instruction, we put on a mini-regatta (race) by mixing some of our Silver Lining paddlers in with your team and we can race 2 boats. This experience is concluded with a bbq put on by Silver Lining. All food and beverages are provided by Silver Lining as well as paddles and lifejackets. You just bring the fun!

D.A.DAVIDSON/Missoula branch

D.A.DAVIDSON/Missoula branch

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Donate to the Silver Lining Foundation


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